Tale Spin - Choose your own picture book adventure by James Huggins

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 17.02.43.png

Tale Spin is a project we've had squirrelled away for almost a year now and we thought it might be interesting to show you. We unveiled the video below to the public for the first time at the recent Children's Media Conference in Sheffield.

As with most of the digital storytelling projects we work on we wanted Tale Spin to be a simple, playful format that deliberately had one foot planted in print books and the other in digital. We have no plans to release Tale Spin in the near future but if we have a few rainy days in succession, who knows?

Ori and the Blind Forest - Moon Studios by James Huggins

Ori and the Blind Forest is a stunning platform game for PC and XBox from the talented folk at Moon Studios. The format is, in their own words, evocative of a 'Metroidvania style platform game with Zelda-like RPG elements thrown in' but with a very clear emphasis on narrative, atmosphere, breathtaking imagery and animation. Yep we've been enjoying the trailer below an awful lot this afternoon and no doubt you will too!

Remember the first time you played Zelda or Metroid when you were a child? We hope that years from now people will also remember the first time they got to play Ori and the Blind Forest.
— Moon Studios

Pixel Press - Draw your own videogame! by James Huggins

Pixel Press are a very clever bunch based in St. Louis, Missouri who've developed a new technology that lets you design your own video games by drawing on paper, then scanning and playing them with your iPad or iPhone.

Trust me, we've played with LOADS of apps, websites and software packages that claim to be able to introduce young kids to the creative delights of game design but none of them are as simple and downright fun as this. The studio has released an app called Pixel Press Floors which lets you design your own levels and choose artwork themes for a platform style game. The company has plans to launch new apps catering to different game types (racing, quest etc) in the future.

If you have kids, or even if you don't, and ever wanted to design your own game but never got around to learning how to code, you should check this out right away!

Visit the Pixel Press website