Ingreedies - the fantastic new foodie brand for kids launches on Me Books! by James Huggins


What really floats our boat here at Made in Me is finding new ways to get inspirational characters and stories into the hands of children. So we're thrilled to bits to be able to tell you that the brilliant new Ingreedies has just made it's debut as a stunning digital comic on Me Books.


The brainchild of insanely talented designers and illustrators Zoë Bather, Joe Sharpe and Chris Dickason, Ingreedies follows the adventures of a weird and wonderful band of characters as they explore the world of food.


So if like us you like your storytelling as memorable and downright delicious as your food then you should feast your eyes on the brand new Ingreedies 28-page comic Ingreedies and the Emperor's Banquet which is FREE for a very limited time over on Me Books.

Hank and Snoliver - The Art of Nate Williams by James Huggins

Another month, another wonderful illustrator to share with you all. We've been aware of Nate Williams bright, bold and downright nutty work for a few years now and are big fans.

More recently his self-published children's book series Hank & Snoliver looks sure to delight readers of all ages with a feast of colours as bright and brash as the humour.

Bunnies and Trolls - The Art of Tom Bonson by James Huggins

Although we've come pretty close a few times we're still fervently hunting for an opportunity to work with Bristol based illustrator Tom Bonson.

His work shows a quite frankly infuriating level of talent and versatility as he's not afraid to try out different techniques and styles.

If you have a moment, pop the kettle on, grab a few biscuits, and wander aimlessly through his blog. You won't regret it.

Check out Tom Bonson's blog here.