Have you heard of the Sneak monsters? Well, perhaps that's because they only appear when a child needs a friend. 

Sneak was originally an app developed by Made in Me to explore the idea of a digital experience creating real-world play scenarios. The app challenges children to literally sneak up on their iPad or iPhone in an attempt to photograph magical creatures on-screen by tapping them. If they make too much noise, or move too quickly, the creatures will flee.

Nominated for a BAFTA for best original app for children, Sneak has been featured as both an iTunes and Starbucks App of the Week and has been downloaded over 250,000 times since launch.

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Have you heard of the Sneak monsters? Well, they only appear when a child needs a friend. Be very, very quiet, and take a deep breath. Then whisper the magic words. Only then will you see the monster!

With the encouragement of an over excitable narrator, the world of the Sneak and the real world come together in a charming and novel way.


Focusing on mindfulness, Sneak is being developed as a property that empowers and supports 2-5 year olds with those tricky, everyday challenges, like brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, eating broccoli. In a simple but powerful nod to the art of mindfulness, Sneak aims to illustrate just how beneficial it can be to stay still and quiet in those emotionally difficult times in a toddlers life.

Sneak is currently being developed for publishing, TV and digital by Made in Me.