The Land of Me is our BAFTA-nominated series of early learning apps now published by Ladybird.

Designed with leading child development experts, The Land of Me allows children to make creatures, construct buildings, choreograph dances, compose music, tell stories and much more.

The original concept and characters were developed in-house and the digital rights to publish the apps were acquired by Penguin.

The Land of Me has been lucky to receive the following praise! 

  • BAFTA Nomination
  • Adobe Max Finalist
  • FWA App of the Day
  • European Design Award

Check out The Land of Me apps >>>

When Made in Me first exhibited an early version of the Land of Me at the Children’s Media Conference, it was clear something special was happening.  It caused an immediate buzz around the delegate.  “Have you seen it?”  “Go and try it” “It’s beautiful” was what I heard. So I tried it – and they were right.
— Greg Childs, Children's Media Conference